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A united formation gets us farther... together

We are a new club aimed at growing the soccer landscape in Northwest Louisiana.  We honor our area's rich musical and cultural influences in America.  These cultural exports we are known for will continue as we export our contribution to soccer beyond the banks of the Red River as we grow.

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  Blue Goose SC is a soccer club based in Northwest Louisiana.  Our mission is to grow the game of soccer, grow our players into champions on and off the field, and grow pride in our community.  Our community is unique and has a rich history of creating great innovators who export our culture all over the world.  Music is a key element to our colorful history.  Most people know about the historic Louisiana Hayride that launched and lifted the careers of musical greats like Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Hank Williams and Ricky Nelson.  Fewer people know that prior to the Hayride, Shreveport was helping birth a musical genre within the “blues” that exudes our Southern roots.

  As musicians traveled about entertaining crowds both large and small, men like Huddie “Lead Belly” Ledbetter and Jesse “Babyface” Thomas were among those who exported their brand of guitar plucking Southern blues across our nation.  Our club’s name derives from their musical movement… a small, but unique sound that emanated from just below downtown in Shreveport called the Blue Goose Blues.  You can learn more about that section of town, Crosstown, and all about the Blue Goose Blues in the video below.  Then give a listen to Jesse Thomas’ song, “The Blue Goose Blues” and immerse yourself in the sounds of an oft-forgotten local history. As we grow our club, be a part of a similar shift that will grow our sport, and give us yet another unique ability to export our pride and influence around the country.

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